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Available Programs

Body Transformation begins with a plan

$30 - A push-pull-legs routine is a type of workout split where you divide your exercises into three categories: pushing, pulling, and legs. Pushing exercises, such as the bench press and shoulder press, work the muscles in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Pulling exercises, such as the pull-up and row, work the muscles in the back, biceps, and forearms. Leg exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, work the muscles in the legs and glutes.

(6 days/week)

$30 - Full body program focusing on a different body part each day, while hitting all main muscle groups each of the 5 days. 

(5 days/week) (4 weeks, can be repeated)

$30 - This program is based on the work we have done in working with various models, actors, and everyday people wanting to get summer-body ready. 

(6 Weeks, 6 days/week)

$30 - See Push-Pull-Legs.

This program is MWF and is designed for those looking to exercise the entire body once a week.

(3 days/week)

$30 - Perfect program for your home gym or a public gym if you only want to use dumbbells

(6 days/ week, 12 weeks, can be repeated)

$30 - Our take on the Old School Bodybuilding program, made famous by the king, Arnold. Chances are you’re familiar with most of these, but there are a couple of forgotten exercises that you may not see performed that often.

(6 days/week, 8 weeks) 

$30 - For many runners, the desire to do a marathon is about personal challenges. 

You might want to test your limits or prove that you can go the distance. Perhaps a friend has talked you into it. Maybe you'd like to lose weight, get healthier or raise awareness for a charity.

The step-by-step increase is designed to get you stronger and reduce the likelihood of injury. 

(6 days/ week for 12 weeks)

$30 - This program is designed to put on mass and strength to get you closer to revealing your inner superhero.

(8 weeks, 6 days/week, can be repeated)

Purchase access to ALL programs and change them at your discretion. Never be bored in the gym again. 


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